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New Infinity 7,5 Fr

The Infinity ERCP Sampling device proved his value as a device that reliably can diagnose lesions in a cost effect manner with up to 85 % sensitivity . After the 9 Fr version US Endoscopy launches now the 7,5 Fr version to get more manoeuvrability  and easier access to smaller strictures or strictures far beyond


Combining the cleaning benefits of a bristled brush and squeegee into one device. The DuoSwift™ combination squeegee brush features a tapered nylon brush on the leading end and a series of squeegees on the trailing end to effectively remove debris from flexible endoscopes while adhering to industry guidelines.  

Padlock Clip ™

The Padlock Clip ™ (macro clip) of US Endoscopy allows the quick and easy closure of small perforations (for example fistula or not closed gastrostomy). The clip is circular in shape and has the size of a 10-cent coin. Contact us to discover more about thePadlock Clip!

Moray™ micro forceps

Designed to more effectively acquire tissue samples… The Moray™ micro forceps is designed for use in EUS procedures to enhance sampling from lesions that can occur within and outside of the gastrointestinal tract - leading to a more definitive diagnosis and targeted therapy. The small design of the forceps allows passage through most 19 gauge

Mediflex: A solution for all your retraction questions …

For 50 years, Mediflex Surgical Products manufactures and sells retraction systems. Solutions for almost all specializations, for open and laparoscopic surgery. Initially known for the very first Bookler System, now with full Universal Round-Bar, Mini-Bookler and Laparoscopic Systems. Since this year we are Mediflex's central distributor in Belgium.

Bioguard® air/water & suction valves

Improving infection prevention practices The BioGuard® air/water & suction valves offer an alternative option to manual cleaning and reprocessing and… Minimize the risk of cross-contamination between patients Provide consistent performance – use a new kit for each procedure Help eliminate tracking concerns in an infection outbreak Support adherence to industry guidelines


US Endoscopy Wire Guided Forceps facilitates a definitive diagnosis by providing a sizeable tissue sample obtained through the speed, safety, and ease a guidewire affords The tapered plastic guidewire tracking assembly ffacilitates safe, fast and effective placement of forceps into biliary ductal system without damaging the guidewire.