Since 20 years, Boucart Medical’s expert mission has been to personalize and select the best equipment a doctor will need to meet his specific goals. Our aim is to enable health professionals to confidently and brilliantly overcome challenges.


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  • Piezo de Mectron

    Mectron Piezosurgery’s state-of-the-art technology uses ultrasone microvibrations enabling complex bone surgery in limited anatomic structures with less risk at damaging soft tissues such as nerves, blood vessels and dura. Mectron’s technology guarantees a selective and cold cut in mineralized tissue , with high precision in a blood-free surgical site. Excellence in craniofacial surgery, neuro & spine, (endoscopic) ENT,…

  • Lumendi

    Dilumen is a system reserved for the endoscopic treatment of colon polyps, allowing the creation of a stabilized therapeutic zone, under vision, and mastered. The system is equipped with 2 sutures allowing the traction of the banks of the polyp allowing a controlled and complete progressive resection, security and maximum precision. The Dilumen is the only current instrument creating a stabilized and secure area, allowing for a simple, fast and safe bulk view and dissection.

  • New Infinity 7,5 Fr

    The Infinity ERCP Sampling device proved his value as a device that reliably can diagnose lesions in a cost effect manner with up to 85 % sensitivity . After the 9 Fr version US Endoscopy launches now the 7,5 Fr version to get more manoeuvrability  and easier access to smaller strictures or strictures far beyond the ampulla.

  • Duoswift

    Combining the cleaning benefits of a bristled brush and squeegee into one device. The DuoSwiftcombination squeegee brush features a tapered nylon brush on the leading end and a series of squeegees on the trailing end to effectively remove debris from flexible endoscopes while adhering to industry guidelines.

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